MSI MAG PYLON overview
  • 1 to 8 ARGB LED HUB

  • 3D-Printing Customization

  • 4mm Tempered Glasses

  • Optimize Air Flow

  • ARGB Fan

  • Mystic light


The MPG GUNGNIR 100 has various ingenious and convenient designs, such as the wire-hole design for easy cable management, and the compatible water-cooling design to meet players’ assembly needs.

3D-Printing Customization

Supports 3D-printable parts. Personalize your own name plates or logos to show off your own style with RGB effects

msi desktop case 100
audio design with boarder

The parts on the top and bottom can be customized by 3D printing

audio design with boarder

Customizes user's own brand design and reflects it on the ground through RGB light refraction

Watercooling Support

msi desktop case 100
audio design with boarder

The top bracket supports up to 360mm radiators

audio design with boarder

The front panel is compatible with up to 420mm radiators.

*420mm is limited to 30mm thickness radiator or 55mm AIO cooler*


Packed with an addressable RGB fan which supports MSI Mystic Light for unlimited customization options.

>> Learn more about Mystic Light <<

*Some lighting effects require the MSI Mystic Light software and vary by model. The Default lighting controls with controlbutton: Static, Flashing, Rainbow, Breathing, Meteor, MB Sync and Close.


MSI Mystic Light SYNC built with open SDK for all the peripherals.

By using the MSI MYSTIC LIGHT APP, the chassis, the motherboard and these peripherals can display consistent lighting effects.

*In order to support ARGB, please refer to the compatible motherboard lists on the product page.

Shine Your Colors

With a built-in ARGB fan and MSI MYSTIC LIGHT APP, it is fully functional and controllable for the gorgeous RGB effects. Pick a representative color from the palette to match your preference and mood!



ARGB HUB included

Bundled with a 1 to 8 ARGB LED HUB to help you have more attractive ways to decorate your gaming rig by add the LED strips

LED effects control Button

Keep pressing the LED button for three seconds, and then users can control the lighting effects via syncing with the motherboard by MSI mystic light app.

7 LED Effects

The included 1 to 8 LED HUB can be managed system lights via the LED effects control button and provides seven different modes of lighting effects

1 to 8 ARGB LED Hub
Discovering Your Gaming Style


SATA Power Cable

LED Switch Button


*In order to support ARGB devices, please refer to the compatible motherboard with JRAINBOW Pin Header on the product page.


The MPG GUNGNIR 100 is tailored to the specific theme and meets the player's diverse preferences. In addition, MSI's simple and modern style in black and grey, with the transparent tempered glass side panel, and simple cutting design, make the overall shape more outstanding. Combined with neutral tones, the MPG GUNGNIR 100 is more harmonious when presenting colorful RGB effects, strongly demonstrating the player's personal style.

Inspired by the weapon – Gungnir, which is the spear of Odin, the god of the Nordic mythology, the shape of the spear echoes the triangular sharpness in the front of the GUNGNIR 100.

The MPG GUNGNIR 100 adopts a plain industrial design with durability enhancement and DIY optimization. In addition, it is equipped with an ARGB fan for lightning effects, and 3D printing parts for personalization, which cleverly matches with MSI unique gaming elements.


The MPG GUNGNIR 100 has storage space with a large capacity and optimized internal design for convenient assembly. A variety of cooling options are also available. Equipped with a 4mm tempered glass side panel, you can have a PC build with perfect assembly and your personal style.


Clear Interior View

The light gray tone of 4mm tempered glass side panel is ideal for displaying RGB lighting effects and provides clear internal component construction.


Optimize air flow

Room for up to Seven system cooling fans, or a 360mm radiator in the top, and 420mm radiator in the front. Provide the whole system with ventilation for better stability


  • MSI MPG GUNGNIR 100 chassis can support up to EATX motherboard, 3D-PRINTING customized parts, side panel of 4mm tempered glass, 120 mm ARGB fan, 1 to 8 ARGB LED hub, reserved cooling space and front USB 3.1 Gen 1
  • ARGB Fan included
  • 4mm Tempered Glasses
  • 3D-Printing Customization
  • 1 to 8 ARGB LED HUB
  • Mystic Light
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