November 29, 2021 How to choose a PC Build for Christmas? With the holidays approaching us at light speed (this year went by quickly, didn't it?), it's almost that time of the year again! Holidays are meant to be spent with family, eating delicious meals, and of course, a fair share [...]
November 17, 2021 Is your power supply ready for the next generation of technology? The challenges of PSUs with DDR5 The challenges of PSUs with DDR5 1. Power Supply Changes Made to DDR5 In the past, the power supply for the memory was directly provided by the motherboard. Take DDR4 as an example, the standard [...]
September 24, 2020 Is Your PC Ready for An Nvidia Ampere RTX 30-Series Graphics Card? With the launch of the first Ampere graphics cards for gamers, the RTX 3080, the stage is set for high-resolution gaming and advanced graphics technologies to reach everyone. Coming in at impressive prices and offering astounding performance improvements compared to the [...]