Creator Customer Stories- Øyvind Engevik (Engwind)

CG Artist

Engwind’s proclivity towards creation came to him early – often playing with Legos without looking at any instructions. “You know, I just wanted to be creative with it,” he grins. By the time he was 12, he had already searched for [...]

Øyvind Engevik (Engwind) grew up near Bergen, Norway, enjoying scenic beauty all around him ever since he was little. Today, he’s an accomplished CG artist and director who focuses on bringing beauty and creativity to digital scenes and graphics.

Engwind’s proclivity towards creation came to him early – often playing with Legos without looking at any instructions. “You know, I just wanted to be creative with it,” he grins. By the time he was 12, he had already searched for and downloaded his first 3D software to take his creativity into the digital realm.

“At even a young age, I wanted to be creative.”

Øyvind Engevik

He took his interests seriously and joined the Noroff University in Bergen to pursue a formal education in 3D Design and Animation. He went on to work with Myreze, a Design Studio based in Bergen, Norway, for three years before transitioning into an independent CG artist.

When Øyvind is not in front of the computer, you can find him in the hills with his camera. Walking, trekking, and climbing to discover new, hidden treasure troves of natural beauty. Staying in constant touch with nature allows him to add a level of sophistication and natural beauty to his 3D scenes that is truly unique.

“Taking pictures in the real world helps me be better at my work.”

Øyvind Engevik

Engwind’s work spans futuristic-looking 3D scenes to attractive product graphics. However, the applications he uses require considerable computing power. He tends to work with software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Substance Painter.

“Just plug and play. Amazing!”

Øyvind Engevik

For a CG artist, time is everything. Engwind agrees, when talking about the MSI Creator Desktop, “It was so nice just to unwrap this product and start using it straight out of the box. Simple plug and play.”

Øyvind Engevik

A powerful CPU and plenty of RAM is essential to running 3D software without facing interruptions, lag, or stutter. Whether you’re moving across a complex scene or working on large raw graphics, a powerful desktop is quintessential to the creative process. 3D viewports, in particular, are quite CPU-intensive and a snappy experience is critical to getting work done smoothly.

MSI’s Creator Desktop with a powerful Intel Core i9 processor, a top-of-the-line graphics card, and 64GB of RAM could easily handle all the tasks Engwind threw at it. Here are a couple of graphics he created using it:

Øyvind Engevik

“With this setup, I can focus on being creative and not worry about hardware and software because the machine takes care of that for me,” explains Engwind, before exclaiming, “it’s pretty dang good!”

“I can run all my stuff pretty fast thanks to the great CPU and all the 64 Gigabytes of RAM.”

When it comes to picking a monitor for professional use, an ultrawide wouldn’t have been Øyvind’s first choice because he doesn’t need a very wide viewport (viewing region of CG software) for his work. However, after using the MSI xxx 5K ultrawide monitor, he found that it does help his workflow in another way – fitting all his tools and multiple windows into a single screen without compromising his viewport.

Øyvind Engevik

“With an ultrawide, there’s no split in the middle like you would have when using two screens,” says Engwind. It makes the viewing experience much more pleasant – helping him remain immersed in his work for longer hours without fatigue.

When a product works right out of the box and runs all your applications well, not only do you save time spent researching the best hardware to do your work, but it also helps you avoid the time you’d spend trying to fix issues that can pop up soon after a build.


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