[Desktop] How to update the driver?

Please refer to the following instructions to install or update drivers for your desktop computers.

Download and install the driver from MSI official website

1. Enter MSI official website and click on the “magnifier” icon on the top-right corner, then search for the model number (using “MEG Aegis Ti5 12th” for example), press the “Enter key” to perform the search.

Desktop driver

2. Locate the model you want to search for, then click “Download”.

Desktop driver

3. Click “Driver” and select your operating system, click on the driver you want to download, and click “Download”.

Desktop driver

4. After downloading, extract the files. Typically, the folder will contain either "xxxSetup.exe" or "xxxInstaller.exe". Click on that file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Desktop driver

Updating through MSI Center Live Update

You can also choose to update the driver through MSI Center.

Open MSI Center → click “Support” → click “Live Update” → click “Scan” → select the driver you want to update → click “Download” and execute the installation.


  • For some of the drivers, this software will be installed automatically; you only need to restart the computer after installation is complete.
  • For drivers that cannot be installed directly, the software will pop up an extracted folder after downloading. Please click on the installation file within the folder to install manually.

Desktop driver

If you have further questions regarding the above information, please contact MSI customer service center.