What to do when the battery is not charging?

If your MSI laptop does not charge the battery, please check for external factors first, if no fault or defects found then please further check whether the machine "Hybrid Power Supply Function" is in effect or settings related to "Dragon Center/Creator Center/MSI Center/MSI Center pro".

External Factors

External Factors

Visual inspection for damages and defects to the power cord and the power connection on the laptop itself. Try a different power outlet. Make sure power cord is firmly connected to the power brick, the laptop and the power outlet.

Hybrid Power Supply Feature

Power Management of MSI Laptops: when you run 3D intensive applications that require high utilization of CPU and GPU, AC Power Supply will prioritize the power to the system for those tasks, and stop charging the battery. When the power requirement from the system is reduced, the battery will start to be charged again automatically. This is a normal phenomenon.

Some of MSI laptops will be equipped with Hybrid Overclocking: The system will utilize the power from both AC Power Supply and the Battery, so that the CPU and GPU can maintain the overclocking for a longer period of time. This feature allows users to have a better experience with 3D intensive games and applications.

Note: This feature is only functional when the battery power is higher than 30%. If it is lower than 30%, it will stop automatically. If you need this feature to be activated again, the battery level will need to be charged to 80% and above, or manually reconnect the AC power between 30% and 80%.

Battery Protection Technology

Some MSI devices are equipped with battery protection technology.
System will automatically switch to the most suitable battery charging mode according to AI calculations to avoid unnecessary frequent charging and could result damages the battery. When the battery level is at 90%, the system will define that the device as fully charged. If the user wish to charge the battery to 100%, please allow the battery to drain to just below 30% before connecting the power cord again. During the charging phase, please do not unplug the power cord so that it will be fully charged to 100%

Dragon Center/Creator Center/MSI Center/MSI Center Pro Setting

If your MSI laptop does not charge above 60% or 80%, please go to "Battery Optimizer" to check the charging settings

Launch MSI Center software and check the current battery charging mode

Best for Mobility:Charge the Battery to 100% all the time.

Balanced:Charge the Battery when under 70%, stop at 80%.Best For Battery: Charge the battery when under 50% stop at 60%>

AI Charger:automatically switch to the most suitable battery mode based on AI calculation

Note: AI Charger is only available in MSI Center and MSI Center Pro.

MSI Drangon Center:

Hybrid Power Supply Feature

MSI Creator Center:

MSI Creator Cente

MSI Center:

MSI Center

MSI Center Pro:

MSI Center Pro