How do I adjust my keyboard backlight?

Settings for keyboard backlighting are divided into two categories: hardware and software related settings. First, keyboard lighting must be physically turned on. Second, the preinstalled or other relevant SSE software can be used to adjust settings for the keyboard backlight.

How to turn on the keyboard LED Backlight

1. Take the GP62 7RE as an example, follow the steps to verify that your notebook supports keyboard LED backlighting and then check to see which type of backlight is supported.

Visit MSI official website and type the device’s model name in the search box on the upper right corner. Then, press the [Enter] key to start searching.


Find the corresponding model and click "Specifications."


Check to see which type of lighting your device uses (full color backlight, single color backlight, or no backlight).

Full color backlight: Adjust settings through Dragon Center/SSE.

Single color backlight: Adjust the light’s brightness by using the Fn+ key and "+" or "-".

No backlight: The keyboard does not possess a backlight.


2. If the device supports keyboard backlighting, please press the backlight hotkey to turn on the keyboard backlight (note that some models without a corresponding hotkey have lighting which can be activated by SSE / Dragon Center). Then, please check the backlight again to check for functionality.


3. If you have pressed the correct hotkey or have used the software to turn on the keyboard LED backlight, but the keyboard LED backlight still does not work, please press "Fn" and "-" to increase the keyboard brightness and check again.


How to setup the keyboard LED Backlight

1. Take the GP62 7RE as an example. For instructions on how to turn on the keyboard SSE backlight please refer to the article:

2. If your device has a preloaded Windows system, please check the following path for instructions on how to change the settings using your computer’s software.

This PC → Windows (C) → User Manual → Software Application Manual


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