How to install Windows 10?

To clean install Windows (not the MSI preloaded operating system), please follow the steps below to proceed.

Note: If the Windows edition is not the same to the MSI preloaded system, then inputting the Windows product key for authentication is required.

Please follow the steps below to identify your specific issue.

Please prepare the following items before moving on:

  • Your MSI Notebook computer
  • The matching power adapter
  • Your original Windows 10 installation CD or USB flash drive with the related installation image

Please refer to the following steps for installing Windows 10. 
(Note): Please back-up any data before installing the operating system.

  • Plug in the adapter
  • Insert the Windows 10 installation CD or insert the USB flash drive
  • Press the power button to start the computer
  • After seeing the MSI logo screen, tap the “Delete” key repeatedly until BIOS Setup Utility screen is visible.
  • After booting into BIOS, use the arrow key to navigate to the “Boot ” tab.
  • Under “Boot mode select”, select UEFI (Windows 10 is supported by UEFI mode.)
  • Press the “F10 ” key F10 to save the configuration of the settings before exiting (The computer will restart automatically after existing).
    os installation
  • Press the “F10 ” Key F10 to save the settings and the computer will restart.
  • After seeing the screen displaying the MSI logo, press the “F11” key repeatedly the boot menu is entered.
  • Choose the USB flash drive previously inserted and press “Enter ” to boot (Pictured is an example of a USB drive shown in the menu. If choosing to boot with an installation CD, please select optical drive).
    os installation
  • Please select your preferred language and keyboard layout in the preferences menu. (If no changes are required, click “Next” to continue.)
    os installation
  • Click “Install now”
    os installation
  • Input the product key and click “Next.” (In the event that you do not have the product key, please click “I don’t have a product key” and click on “Next.” The product key can still be entered to activate it once the windows installation has been completed.)
    os installation
  • Choose “Windows 10 Home” and click “Next”(Pictured is an example of the related “Windows Setup” menu.)
    os installation
  • Check the option “I accept the license terms” and then click “Next”.
    os installation
  • Click on “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)”
    os installation
  • This step relates to disk partitioning. Begin by choosing the desired partition on which the system will be installed. (If the current partition does not meet the defined requirements, the existing partitions should be deleted after which point the disk space may be reallocated according to your personal needs.)

    • If the current disk partition settings are valid and meet your needs, please click and select the relevant drive. The selected partition will be formatted and the system will be installed directly. Data on the partitions which have not been modified will not be lost. To continue, select the name of the drive needed under the “Name” column and click "Next.”
      os installation
    • In the event that the current disk partition settings not meet the user’s needs, the drive may be re-partitioned after an existing partition is deleted. (This method will result in the loss of all data on the partition following formatting). To continue, select the partition that needs to be deleted, and then click "Delete."
      os installation
    • After all partitions have been deleted, select "Unallocated Space" and then click "New."
      os installation
    • After entering the allotted disk space in the “Size” field, click "Apply". (The “Size” field is calculated in units of MBs; this means that if 50GB is desired, then a value of 50,000 should be specified.) os installation
    • After the space has been reallocated, select the desired partition and then click "Next".
      os installation
  • “Windows Setup” will then be automatically executed and the installation of Windows will begin.
    os installation
  • After the installation has finished, the system will automatically restart. (26) Please follow the prompts which appear during set-up to complete the installation. Once the installation has concluded, the system may be entered.
    os installation
    os installation
  • After entering Windows for the first time following installation, please download and install the newest drivers from the MSI's official website MSI's offical website.