Please follow the instructions below to perform F3 recovery session (Note: The instructions below are only for models with an MSI preloaded operating system.) The disk will be formatted during the recovery process. MSI recommends that users back up any important data before performing the recovery operation.

  1. Plug in the adapter, press the power button to start the computer. After seeing the screen displaying the MSI logo, tap the “F3” Key repeatedly until the system recovery utility screen is visible.
    (Note: Make sure that the power adapter is connected. The system will detect the connection before the recovery begins. If the power adapter is not connected, the restoration process will not be successful.
os recovery sop

2. After entering the following page, select “Troubleshoot” to proceed.

os recovery sop

3. Choose “Restore MSI factory settings.”

os recovery sop

4. Click on “System Partition Recovery.”


5. The system will show a warning stating that all files and settings will be lost should the recovery process continue. Please confirm whether or not it is intended to continue with the restoration process. If the user consents, “Yes” should be clicked to continue.



6. The system will seek to confirm whether or not the user wishes to proceed. If the user consents, “Yes” should be clicked to continue.


7. The system will begin the restoration process; a display showing the time elapsed will become visible. During the restoration process, wait patiently. Do not perform other operations or power off the computer during the restoration process.


8. Click "OK" once the system recovery process has been completed.


9. Select “Continue” and the system will exit the recovery tool and restart automatically. The system will appear at its factory default state after being restarted.

os recovery sop