Dragon Center is a multi-function software that you could use on an MSI laptop.
It has game mode, system monitor, battery mode and you can even register your product throughout this software.

Gaming Mode

When using Gaming mode, it can optimize the pc gear, such as the graphics card and the cooling system, in order to give the user the best gaming experience.

  • On/Off buttons for gaming mode
  • Refresh gaming mode’s list
  • Add game
  • Gaming mode options has 3 modes, System performance, True Color, Touchpad Disabled. You can choose either one based on preference.
Gaming Mode

User scenario

You can change the laptop’s performance status based on your reference.

  • Extreme Performance
  • Balanced
  • Silent
  • Super Battery
  • User
  • Performance Level: Adjust the laptop’s performance.
  • Fan Speed: Adjust the fan speed
Gaming Mode

General Setting

In General setting, you can enable the windows key, webcam and graphics card mode.

  • You can enable/disable the windows key
  • You can switch between the windows key and the Fn key.
  • You can enable / disable the Webcam
  • You can switch the graphics card mode.
    MSHybrid: will automatically switch between the integrated GPU and the discrete GPU when required by the applications in use.
    Discrete: will use the dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which is more powerful to run GPU-based applications.
  • You can turn on/off the crosshair
Gaming Mode


You can check the hardware status on Monitor.

  • CPU status
  • GPU status
  • Disk status
  • Fan speed status
  • Network status
  • Memory status
  • Laptop’s configuration for CPU & GPU and RAM
Gaming Mode

True Color

You can adjust the laptop monitor’s saturation, brightness, and contrast on True Color in order to give you the best visual experience.

  • Gamer mode
  • Anti Blue mode
  • sRGB mode
  • Office mode
  • Movie mode
Gaming Mode

Ambient Link

With the Ambient Link’s function, it provides the visual feedback from Philips Hue & Nanoleaf according to what the game has provided.

Right-click on the Ambient Link button and open a tab. (locate on the right side)

Gaming Mode

Game Mode

Gaming Mode
Gaming Mode

Ambient Mode:

Gaming Mode

Ambient Link:

Gaming Mode


You can log in to the MSI member here. If you haven’t registered to become a member of MSI, you can register from this page.

Gaming Mode

System Info

You can check the laptop’s system information, such as, BIOS, System version, Driver. You can also export the system info.

Gaming Mode

Battery Master

You can choose either battery mode based on your current demand, you can also proceed with a battery calibration.

  • Best for Mobility mode
  • Balanced mode
  • Best for Battery mode
  • Battery Calibration
Gaming Mode


You can use a USB device or burning software to create a recovery storage device for you to restore the system in the future.

Gaming Mode


Settings for Dragon Center

  • You can decide if you want to automatically launch Dragon Center when the system starts.
  • You can go to Microsoft Store to check the newest version of the Dragon Center
  • You can turn on/off the “always update” for Dragon Center.
  • You can turn on/off the “auto update” for Dragon Center
Gaming Mode