How to Redeem Promotional Gifts?

For some of the promotion events, the reward provider may differ with each region.

  • To begin the process to redeem your award, please click here here to sign into MSI Member Center.
  • On the left menu bar, click "Product Registration" and complete the registration for your products.
    ※If you can’t identify the barcode of your product, please refer to the link here:
  • On the left menu bar, click“Promotions” and choose the event you wish to participate.
  • Click “Redeem”.
  • Please provide the required materials for each promotions. After submitting the application, you will be notified with an email indicating you have registered to the event successfully.
  • You will receive an email when the application is approved.
  • Some of the promotion redemptions are reviewed by our staff manually, with each type of prizes the review days may be different.
    ※Digital code - 7~14 working days to be verified.
    ※Cashback - 30 work days after receiving redemption successful confirmation letter
    ※Physical Prize - 8 -12 weeks to delivered after your redemption got approved
  • If you are still experiencing problems please contact our customer support team.