August 27, 2021 The Evolution of Noise Cancellation in MSI Center MSI has made significant design changes to the Dragon Center, including features with modular design and let users decide what they really need. This new version we now call it MSI Center. The whole new MSI center is AI-powered, and [...]
August 24, 2021 Summit E16 Flip bonus tips The Summit E16 Flip features a 360 degree hinge, with the new Dynamic Cooler Boost and 16:10 Golden Ratio display, it is the best companion to break the boundary between performance and portability. A flip laptop Summit E16 Flip –as its name [...]
July 23, 2021 Why Modern Standby matters for business laptop The MSI Summit series business laptops all support modern standby. MSI has recently released a tutorial video about Summit E13 Flip Evo and demonstrated the advantage of modern standby. The “modern” standby sleep mode is compatible with Windows Hello biometric [...]
May 21, 2021 Summit E13 Flip EVO & MSI PEN bonus tips The Summit E13 Flip Evo is the latest flip laptop from MSI, together with MSI Pen, it meets the needs of every scenario possible. For the premium users who purchased MSI summit E13 flip and MSI pen, MSI has released [...]
March 25, 2021 Advantage of Type-C and its Variants Currently, Type-C interface has increasingly shaped up the standard of USB, display, and charging port thank to its multiple functions and compact size, and now could be easily found in electronic devices such as smartphone, pad, laptop, and devices that [...]
March 08, 2021 Wi-Fi 6E makes you the VIP of networking We live in an era where Wi-Fi has become necessary in our daily life, the Wi-Fi technology itself has advanced several times in the past decade. The speed of Wi-Fi is already beyond Gbps level, but with the growth of [...]
January 05, 2021 Ultra-thin business and productivity laptop with LPDDR4x memory MSI’s business & productivity laptop comes with a charming ultra-thin design and the perfect balance between performance and battery life. LPDDR4x memory is actually a part that can’t be ignored. Here’re the reasons how LPDDR4x can [...]
December 22, 2020 Summit Series - Perfect Choice for Office MSI had launched the whole new Business & Productivity line which is designed for business users. The Summit series comes in a rather-classy looking and matte black with gold trims, expressing more of a premium vibe. As we know, the users [...]
December 11, 2020 MSI Business Laptops Come with TPM 2.0 Solution In recent years, diverse security mechanism are continually invented and leveraged in the world. To prevent business confidentiality attacked by unfriendly invasion, businessmen pay more attention on security design for their laptops than ever before. In our daily life, login [...]