December 07, 2015 Patent granted for the MSI TORX fan design! Exciting news! MSI obtained an invention patent for the TORX fan design that is used in TWIN FROZR V thermal solution. The patent was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), one of the five largest patent [...]
October 23, 2015 Upgrade Now! Back Maximize your game experience Upgrade Now! Want to upgrade and enjoy the latest awesome games at full glory? Choose your game and see which MSI GAMING products fits best for building your perfect gaming system.   Assassin's Creed: Syndicate [...]
July 21, 2015 PC Gaming 101: How to upgrade your graphics card With exciting new PC game titles coming out constantly, you might find your trusty old PC coming up short in the Frames Per Second department. If you're experiencing screenlag, stuttering or having to resort to low/medium graphics settings to [...]
July 13, 2015 MSI Premium GAMING SLI Bridge When it comes to gaming at high resolutions (4K) and enjoying all the graphical goodness that the latest games offer at high settings, using multiple graphics cards is the way to go. SLI technology has enabled gamers to harness the [...]
June 24, 2015 How to become No.1 in Gaming… MSI provides the tools to become No.1 in Gaming, but you still need the skills to get there. To help you get to the top of the score charts, we have created 15 Rules to be the ultimate overlord, the absolute [...]
May 15, 2015 AMD FreeSync: the smoothest visual technology When a horizontal break appears during a session of gameplay, it is always unpleasant! Recently, AMD has introduced FreeSync technology to bring you the smoothest possible experience. The benefits of FreesSync have been discussed on social media and online computer [...]
April 13, 2015 100 Million MSI NVIDIA Graphics cards! 100 MILLION graphics cards by MSI & NVIDIA... it's an amazingly huge number. To put this number into perspective: There are only 12 countries in the world with a population of more than 100 million.That's how many PC users have chosen MSI NVIDIA-based [...]
March 27, 2015 Spring cleaning: Freeing up disk space for NVIDIA users Every spring we suddenly get the urge to clean up a bit. We thought it would be the perfect time to tell you which spots you definitely don't want to miss when it comes to cleaning up your PC. If [...]
January 07, 2015 Need more FPS? Try overclocking! So you fancy yourself a bit of gaming in your spare time. Spent a good amount of your hard-earned cash on your rig to make sure your FPS stays up while enjoying the latest eye candy. There’s a good [...]