Autonomous Mobile Robot

Autonomous Movable That Disinfects Including The Air

Assisted navigation, precise sensing

Uses next-generation LDS module and Intel RealSense Depth Camera for self-identified map surveying, smart route planning, accurate geotagging and performing real-time analysis of the site environment by calculating complex data, avoiding barriers easily and realizing fully autonomous navigation.

Sterilization and disinfection, zero dead angles

Internally equipped with super-grade 253.7 nm wavelength high-power output UVGI ultraviolet rays, able to eliminate pathogenic bacteria effectively. The battery allows continuous irradiating for up to 3 hours to achieve long-lasting safety for the entire field.

AI smart identification security mechanisms

Active AI air-switching sterilization function and surface disinfection body safety protection mechanism with mutual voice and light prompts, to achieve safe coexistence and mutual collaboration between humans and robots.

Full coverage and deep sterilization

With 253.7nm wavelength UVGI ultraviolet germicidal irradiation light energy, no need to use chemicals, will not produce surface pollution, can disinfects the air pathogens, mold, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms, through the UVGI light illumination to directly destruct and decompose, and finally released disease-free bacteria, microorganisms clean air, to achieve a comprehensive purification of the air.

Remotely control, real time interaction

Connect to Wi-Fi, BT, LTE, AIoT and Web services to enable remote control experiences, remote control, synchronous movement, and send specific commands to the entire fleet directly when there are multiple machines.

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Provides a complete AMR smart hospital transportation system, able to effectively eliminate germs in the environment at close range; it can also move autonomously to specific fields such as surgery rooms or wards, to stay and sterilize regularly to achieve maximum sterilization range. It provides epidemic prevention personnel with more labor-saving and effective tools to achieve zero dead-angle epidemic prevention.


  • Length:62.6 cm
  • Width:59.7 cm
  • Depth:117 cm
  • Speed:1.3 m/s
  • Charging Time:2 hrs
  • Continuous Runtime:6 hrs
  • UVGI lamp:10 germicidal lamps
  • (253.7 nm wavelength UVGI ultraviolet rays)
  • Lamps life = 6000 hrs
  • *Optional Quick Charge Battery