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3 Reasons to Pick the Gaming Chair for My Hooman
Comfortable Adjustable Supportive
No one knows my hooman better than me. It seems to be missing one piece to complete its gaming kingdom - a video game chair. I'd love to give it a comfortable surprise this summer (I'll get a cozy spot for myself to snooze from time to time too).

When picking a chair, the hooman considers color, seat fabric, height, ergonomic design, comfortable reclining, and so many other things. It just can't decide. Enough is enough, today, Chairman Purr picks. Here are 3 reasons why I picked MSI's gaming chair:

Reason 1: Comfortable

MSI's PC Gaming Chairs are built to my taste. What's more, they blend into both bedrooms and office spaces easily. Perfect.

Discover classic black, grey colors and a unique mashup of fabrics, including leather, cloth, and microfiber. My hooman can easily create different styles like racing, casual, or comfortable using pretty gaming chair covers.
gaming chair gaming chair gaming chair gaming chair gaming chair gaming chair
On average, the hooman can be seen playing for even 7 hours or more per day. With such long sitting sessions, it needs comfort more than anything.
  • Ergonomic Design

    The chair's back is carefully designed to line up the hooman's neck in a natural, comfortable position while lumbar pillows give its lower back some much needed support. No more back pains. Only gaming.

  • Large Gaming Seat

    The chair's extended 57cm depth and large gaming seat ensures that the hooman can sit comfortably, regardless of size.

  • High Density Integrated Foam

    Easily supports every body shape without deforming permanently.

  • Shoulder Support

    A curved angle to support the shoulder helps with those long gaming sessions.

Reason 2: Adjustable

Striking a perfect balance between the desk and the floor requires an adjustability. The hooman should easily be able to find the right height and angles comfortable for it, thanks to the adjustable gaming seat.

Reason 3: Supportive

The hooman needs its support. The MSI Gaming Chair is the perfect support for it and the best gaming chair to gift it in 2021 - whether it wants to play games, lounge and listen to music, take a power nap, or work. The perfect reclining experience this chair offers is sure to make our bed envious.

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Is there a chair that can fulfill everyone's wish, offering both comfort and beautiful design? That's how the MAG CH130 I REPELTEK FABRIC was born. Its microfiber material is soft, breathable, and abrasion resistant. Don’t worry if you accidentally spill a beverage during a gaming session. It’s hard to stain, and easy to maintain. It can even resist a cat's 'scratch attack'! This gaming chair lives in harmony with your adorable, proud cat. Whatever the situation, MSI has your back. Literally.

Share your cat’s pose with a chair and the hashtags - #GamingChairPose #CatsofMSI. Chairman Purr will pick 3 winners to upgrade your cats (and you, probably) to an MSI gaming chair.
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