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Nahimic by SteelSeries audio software is a high-definition sound technology that boosts your MSI computer's audio and voice performance. Enjoy an immersive virtual 7.1 sound through your standard stereo equipment!
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Nahimic effects are available on headsets, microphone, and speakers
audio settings

feel the story in each sound

Nahimic positions each sound of your game with surgical precision and recreates a multichannel experience on your stereo device, enabling an immersive and shocking audio experience!
Speaker Tuning Engine

Light em’ up

Nahimic speaker tuning engine dynamically tunes the audio to ensure that vibration and distortion don’t limit your ability to increase the volume and still hear crystal clear.
Surround Sound

Make it yours

Immersion in the game is incredible, it will surprise you by bringing your game to life. Feel the immersion, feel the sound as if you were in the heart of the action and let yourself be moved by an emotional response to the game, exceptionally efficient with a headset.
Volume Stabilizer

Sync your game

Balance and maintain a constant volume across every element of the audio experience to avoid spikes or dips in dialogue, soundtrack, explosions, and more.
microphone control

be heard without the noise

Your microphone is essential to maximize communication; we have developed powerful algorithms that ensure the best interactions while streaming or just for in-game communication.
Voice Stabilizer

Light em’ up

Ensure the best noise-free conversation. We guarantee to maintain a constant vocal level no matter the distance from your mic. We dynamically clear the sound and remove interference noise and lower the voice variation.
Noise Cancellation

Make it yours

Enable static noise suppression, echo removal, and lateral sound cancellation so others hear you over the coffee grinder.
Night Mode

Sync your game

Night Mode is an intelligent volume reduction tool that keeps your audio intelligible without having to be loud. It lowers the bass to preserve the quiet of your surroundings, but you still stay in tune with your gaming action. Your neighbors will love you.
innovative features

break every sound barrier

easy surround

Turn any bluetooth speaker into a surround sound system

Easy Surround creates a realistic immersive audio experience with any Bluetooth speaker positioned as a rear speaker in combination with your front speaker.

Find the best match for your unique hearing

Your natural ability to hear in 3D greatly depends on your ear pinnae shape and size, and pinnae are like a fingerprint, everyone is unique. Based on HRTF technology, this feature and simple UI help you listen to 5 profiles, and find the best 3D audio that adapts to your ears.
sound sharing plus

Enjoy and share your audio everywhere with no limits

Share your system audio without sharing headphones. Connect two separate headphones via USB, Bluetooth, or jack for easy listening with friends.
eq presets

Start fast with simple presets

Apply optimized equalizer presets for any situation across gaming, movies, music, and communication.
smart profile

Always the right tuning

It adapts dynamically the audio profile to the software in use, simple and effortless. Whether you are listening to music, watching movies, or playing different types of games, it always gets the best audio settings without manual intervention.
sound tracker

The smartest way to train your ears in game

Sound Tracker provides a visual indication of where sound is coming from in a game. New to a game? It will be your best ally, training you to navigate through an unfamiliar environment.

how nahimic works

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Windows 8.1 or newer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Nahimic companion install on my PC?

If your PC was shipped with the Nahimic audio driver pre-installed, a recent update to the driver added the companion app to provide a user interface for the driver and allow you to add additional Nahimic features. In the past, if your PC was using the Nahimic audio driver to optimize sound quality, there was no user interface letting you know when it was being updated or used. The companion app is there to let you know the version and to help you maintain your drivers.

What is Nahimic audio driver?

The Nahimic audio driver is audio software that optimizes the performance of the speakers in your PC.

What kind of improvement is the Nahimic audio driver bringing to the audio of my PC?

The Nahimic audio driver adds speaker correction (fine tuning), which lets your PC achieve the original sound design planned by your PC manufacturer. PC manufacturers work with Nahimic to optimize the sound design and performance of the PC and the driver and companion app ensure that the sound is optimized. Without the Nahimic audio driver your PC may not sound as intended by the manufacturer. An added benefit of the Nahimic audio driver is protecting your speakers by reducing excess vibration, ensuring you can enjoy higher volume without buzzing or distortion.

I never installed the Nahimic audio driver, why is it running?

The Nahimic audio driver is preinstalled in MSI Laptops, PCs, and Motherboards.

What happens if I uninstall Nahimic audio driver?

If you uninstall the Nahimic audio driver:Sound quality may noticeably decline. The volume you experience may not be as loud as with the driver installed. The speakers may begin buzzing or vibrating at when listening at higher volumes. It is possible to damage the speakers when listening at a high volume. You will lose all the additional features included with the Nahimic application. (EQ, Surround Sound, Bass boost, Treble boost…)

How do you recover Nahimic with one-click?

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