December 01, 2021 The Metaverse is Almost Here: Are you Ready? Ever since Facebook discussed the Metaverse during their Connect 2021 conference, it’s become a hotly debated topic among tech enthusiasts. So, what exactly is this metaverse? Is it a brand-new word, coined by Mark Zuckerberg? Well, no. What is the [...]
November 08, 2021 MSI Black Friday 2021 Buying Guide With Black Friday right around the corner, some epic gaming setup is bound to go on sale. But what do you buy? Let’s help you zero in on the right choice. We’ve taken the liberty of putting together [...]
October 12, 2021 All You Need to Know about DDR5 Memory Modules It’s been over a year since rumors and leaks about DDR5 started hitting the streets. Today, we’re going to cover what we know about DDR5 modules from Kingston that will release alongside Intel’s next-generation CPUs. DDR5 vs. [...]
September 23, 2021 Make your gaming system more powerful, lets upgrade it! You may encounter a situation with your current system not meeting your demands, whether it's for games, content creation, or watching videos. This begs the question, do you need to buy a new desktop? Don’t worry about it. MSI [...]
September 22, 2021 8 Useful Tips to Boost Your Work From Home Productivity Being a successful remote employee requires discipline, above all else. Now that COVID-19 has forced us away from our offices and working from home has become the norm, we don’t have a choice but to make sure that we [...]
July 14, 2021 How to check if your system is available for Windows 11? In June, Microsoft launched the latest operating system Windows 11. The official website announced a beautiful GUI design and functions for multitasking. There are several limitations that you need to be aware of before upgrading. Previously, MSI announced the list of [...]
June 02, 2021 Unlock system performance to extreme – Resizable Bar Recently, Intel released the 11th gen chipset and processor, while NVIDIA launched the RTX 30 series GPU. Gaming is slowly being pushed to the next level. Before the release of the new technologies, most people focus on 1080P resolution and 60Hz [...]
June 01, 2021 MSI Product Launch 2021 - MAG INFINITE S3 Gamers love performance. If it comes in a ready-to-use package accompanied by killer looks, it just makes the experience so much sweeter. MSI’s MAG Infinite Gaming Desktop rangehas consistently delivered both an incredible look as well as brand-new hardware [...]
June 01, 2021 MSI Product launch 2021: Business Monitor and Creation Desktop for Professionals MSI’s quest to deliver an unparalleled computing experience to creative professionals and business users continues. Meet two products that do exactly this – unveiled at the MSI Product Launch 2021 –Tech Meets Aesthetics event. Each of these products has been painstakingly [...]