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[How To] Perform a Clean Install of the Drivers
If a device requires a clean install of its driver, please refer to the attachment for the clean install steps....
[Troubleshooting] System lag when connect to an external monitor and set to "Second screen only"
Please follow steps below to perform a clean installation of Intel Graphics Driver version, hide the automatic driver update from Windows Update to solve the problem. A. Uninstal...
[How To] Install Drivers for Thunderbolt Devices
Due to Microsoft’s new policy, drivers for Thunderbolt devices need to be installed with .inf files. To understand how to install drivers for Thunderbolt devices, please follow the steps in the attach...
[Troubleshooting] The "Fn" key backlight doesn't light on properly
Please refer to the clean install guide to install Steel Series Engine 3.14.1 or later version. [HOW TO] STEELSERIES ENGINE (SSE) CLEAN INSTALL & UPDATE If the problem still remains, refer to ...
[How To] Change display resolution, font size and the orientation settings
Pleaser follow steps below to adjust display settings.  1. Right click on the desktop and select "Display settings" to open the setup menu. 2. (If there is more than one display connected) Sele...
[Product Information] Quick Charge (QC 3.0)
The USB Type A port (Quick Charge port) at the left side of PS63 Modern series notebook provides QC 3.0 quick charging function for all the mobile devices which support QC3.0. To have the quick charge...
[Troubleshooting] Unable to Install a Driver which is Different from the Current Version
If after a specific driver is installed for a device, and the system is no longer able to install a different driver for that device (which is most likely to happen after a clean install and running W...
[Troubleshooting] No advanced settings for the touchpad
If your touchpad encounters the issues below: 1. Missing the touchpad icon at the system tray 2. The touchpad is still working but the gestures are not the same as before 3. Missing the touchp...
[Troubleshooting] Intel Graphics Settings crash, missing or can’t be launched
If the above symptoms are encountered after automatic Windows Update, perform a clean installation of the latest Intel generic graphics driver (version or newer) to solve the problem. ...
[Troubleshooting] No sounds when gaming
Affected models: MSI Notebooks which bundled with Nahimic 2+ The automatic Windows Update might push a generic audio driver version when there is no audio driver installed on the system and cause a...